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SmartIT includes technology education programs from our featured online training catalog, WatchIT. WatchIT provides relevant, real-world broadcast-quality briefings, presented by leading subject matter experts, early adopters of technologies and expert analysts. Our briefings offer business and IT professionals the means to understand current technology initiatives, recognize the pitfalls and opportunities associated with technology change, and to evaluate products and technologies.

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    Select from our online training catalog of courses, featuring streaming video, text transcripts, and other value-added resources. Case studies, white papers, glossaries, and other materials are right at your fingertips.

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    We enable clients to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership in technology with the following results: increased profitability of technology-related initiatives while reducing risk. WatchIT Technology Briefings have thousands of subscribers worldwide.

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    WatchIT professional technology programs follow our proven, tested methodology for producing and organizing educational content. Our content architecture follows leading IT initiatives and content is further classified by seven "Need to Know" program tracks enabling learners to quickly identify areas of educational interest.
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