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Course Overview
The main goal of this course is to strengthen your knowledge about and awareness of the importance of professionalism in the business place. The information focuses on the following major topics: The Importance of Workplace Professionalism to Organizations, The Importance of Professionalism to Business People, Inspiring Professionalism in the Workplace, Professional Ethics, Unprofessional Conduct in the Workplace, Characteristics of Exceptional Business Professionals, Professionalism Qualities Business People Should Possess, Professionalism Traits of Business Managers, Professionalism Traits of Business Leaders, Workplace Professionalism Reminders and Tips for Millennials, The Role of Interpersonal Skills in Professionalism, The Role of Business Etiquette in Professionalism, Client/Customer Service Professionalism Suggestions, Phone Professionalism Suggestions, and Online Professionalism Suggestions.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of professionalism to business people.
  • Identify examples of unprofessional conduct in the workplace.
  • Recognize key professionalism qualities of business people, business managers, and business leaders.
  • Recognize the role of interpersonal skills and business etiquette in professionalism.
  • Identify phone and online professionalism.
    Catalog Number: 99INS13
    CPE Credits: 1 Registry / 1 QAS
    Author: Robert G. Insley
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    Course Level: Basic
    Field of Study: Personal Development
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    QAS: QAS Certified based on 50 minute hours.
    Course Type: Self-Study
    Minimum Passing Grade: 70%
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