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Strategic Performance Management: An Introduction v.2

Course Overview
This course presents a model for implementing strategic performance measurement and management (SPM�) systems using field-tested methods derived from organizations that have been identified as sites of ''best practice.'' Practical and effective transformation management methods from a ''systems thinking'' perspective are included to enhance the work of those who wish to implement a SPM� system. It will benefit managers, executives, and others who wish to explore or implement SPM� systems in their organizations and who wish to have a comprehensive and integrated model for building such systems. This course is directed particularly at organizations that are trouble in one or both of the following areas:

  • Reaching consensus and clarity on strategic objectives and intentions.
  • Achieving appropriate focus among activities and action programs competing for time and resources.

  • Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Identify the definitions of terms and the concepts involved in strategic performance measurement and management.
  • Recognize the history and potential usefulness of strategic performance measurement systems.
  • Specify the importance of strategy and decision making in performance management.
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