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CPAR - 2012/September, Seg.01 - Private Company Reporting Standards: Is Now the Time? (demo)

Course Overview
Private companies increasingly view generally accepted accounting principles as being unnecessarily complex and lacking in relevance to creditors who assess ongoing cash flows in making their lending decisions. Loscalzo Associates' John Fleming explains how a new OCBOA reporting framework for small- and medium-sized private entities promises to simplify and enhance your clients' financial statements.

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Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • describe private company concerns with GAAP;
  • explain the role of the Private Company Council;
  • discuss the new AICPA OCBOA Framework;
  • outline the SEC’s current approach to IFRS.

Content Partner:

CPA Reports Online

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

Work experience in accounting or auditing, or an introductory course in accounting

Speaker / Author:

AICPA Practice Pro

Software & Hardware Requirements:

  • 56k or Greater Internet Connection
  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader for the .pdf files
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 8 or higher
  • Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
  • Ram: 256 MB minimum
  • Sound card with speakers/headphones
  • Windows or Mac OS


Course Code : CPAR991-FM-d

Course Level : Update

Format Type : eLearning

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