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CPAR - 2021/December, Seg. 4 - ERC Modifications, Extensions and Other Tax Updates

Looking ahead to 2022, it's time to be thinking about payroll. One of the key changes we contend with annually is the social security wage base. The social security administration announced an increase to the social security wage base for purposes of the FICA and self-employment tax for 2022. Barbara Weltman, president of Big Ideas for Small Business, gives us further details on what that increase means, as well as other tax updates including, but not limited to, alimony rules and deductibility, claiming credits or refunds under IRC section 41, and a brief update on where we currently stand on the legislative front.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key changes in social security wages and how they will impact employers, employees and self-employed individuals;
  • Understand the current SALT cap proposals and why the SALT cap is considered by some as unconstitutional;
  • Describe the three-factor test to ascertain whether a statute is remedial or penal; and
  • Recognize the revised measures under the Build Back Better Act.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

Work experience in tax planning or tax compliance, or an introductory course in taxation.

Speaker / Author:

Barbara Weltman
A nationally recognized expert in taxation, Barbara Weltman has built her reputation around providing timely advice and accurate analysis on business tax matters. As a tax and business attorney, Barbara has the up-to-the-minute knowledge that business managers need to get - and to stay - ahead. She is the top-selling author of numerous books on taxation and finance, including J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes. Business executives also know Barbara from her appearances on Financial Management Network, from her popular radio show and as publisher of “Idea of the Day.” By subscribing to “This Week in Business Taxation,” you can share Barbara Weltman’s insights into recent business tax developments 20 times each year.


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