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FMN - 2021/April, Seg 1 - Global Tax and Transfer Pricing Strategies: What Lies Beneath - Part I

Transfer pricing is an accounting and tax practice used to determine the cost of goods or services rendered within businesses and between departments, subsidiaries or holding companies that operate under common control or ownership. But there is a risk that lies beneath transfer pricing, and that risk is tax manipulation. It is often a way to shift tax liabilities to a lower-tax jurisdiction or even another country, as transfer pricing can extend to both domestic and global markets. Marina Gentile, lead of the Global Transfer Pricing Strategies practice, and Chaya Siegfried, international tax partner, at Withum discuss how transfer pricing goes hand in hand with an effective global tax structure and how proper planning is key.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define transfer pricing and recognize the four types of intercompany transfers;
  • Identify compliance factors with respect to transfer pricing and planning opportunities to minimize risk;
  • Understand the transfer pricing documentation requirements and the tax implications of their absence; and
  • Understand the impact of the pandemic in both transfer pricing and international tax structures.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

Work experience in tax planning or tax compliance, or an introductory course in taxation.

Speakers / Authors:

Marina Gentile, lead of the Global Transfer Pricing Strategies practice.

Chaya Siegfried, international tax partner, at Withum.


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Release Date : 04/07/2021
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CPE 2.00
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