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FMN - 2020/April, Seg.3 - Rising Healthcare Costs: Cause and Effect

In recent years, healthcare costs have been increasing exponentially for employers, and the burden on the workforce has reached a point where health benefits are losing ground in the hiring and retention process. Even though the affordability of healthcare may have a direct correlation with one's salary, annual salary increases, if any, are not nearly enough to absorb the even faster growing healthcare costs. In addition to the rising costs, annual deductibles are often north of $1,500, and as a result, lower income workers and families opt out of insurance coverage. Matt Wolf, Director, Health Care Senior Analyst with RSM US LLP discusses some of the key factors driving those increases.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this segment, you should be able to:

  • Identify reasons attributable to the increase of healthcare premium;
  • Recognize the purpose of global strategy on digital health;
  • Identify what executives need to focus on when it comes to the insurance benefits they offer to hire and retain their workforce; and
  • Recognize the importance of the human element and AI in healthcare.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

Work experience in a corporate staff environment, or an introductory course in management.

Speaker / Author:

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