Effective Communication Skills

Understanding Communication Styles at Work

Nothing is more important in business than the ability to successfully interact with others. Developing and improving this fundamental skill is critical to your success. Each interaction has the potential to work for or against achieving the most desirable effect and outcome. Knowing how to communicate effectively in day-to-day interactions is a critical part of achieving personal and organizational success. This course teaches professionals how to identify and understand unique behavioral differences among co-workers in ways that enhance relationships and personal performance. This is a powerful learning experience that will help improve your interpersonal effectiveness by teaching you to identify and understand different personalities at work.

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Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the components of effective interpersonal skills.
  • Recognize the characteristic of each of the four different communication styles.
  • Specify strategies for how to adapt to each personality style.
  • Indicate observation clues that help you determine one's preferred interpersonal approach and display.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


Speaker / Author:

Dr. David Minionis, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Humanetrics


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CPE 2.00
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Theme : Effective Communication Skills

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