Project Management: A Financial Perspective - Part 3

This series of courses (Parts 1, 2, and 3) on project management is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the applications and importance of Project Management. You will learn how to assess a project with respect to time, costs, and resources in order to effectively and efficiently reach your goals. You will become familiar with the five processes involved in Project management - Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing on time and within budget-Project Integration, Project Scope, Project Time, Project Cost, Project Quality, Project Human Resources, Project Communications, Project Risk Management, and Project Procurement – that are essential to being an expert Project Manager. This series of courses follows for the most part the framework within the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The material, however, places a financial focus on projects as a way to accomplish desired changes in the enterprise in a coordinated and predictable way for favorable outcomes. Topics covered include economic feasibility study, life-cycle costing, target costing, and earned value analysis. Through better project management, you can reduce or eliminate failed projects and reduce the costs associated with successful ones, increasing enterprise effectiveness in providing the maximum value to shareholders.

Important: This course, "Project Management: A Financial Perspective - Part 3" has been republished in our new course platform. There has been a slight change to the course id; however, the content is the same, with only minor updates. If you have already received credit for this course title in our old platform, you cannot receive credit again.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize where major project costs occur and why a life-cycle costing approach is appropriate for project costing.
  • Identify the target costing process for a new product.
  • Identify types of capital budgeting decisions.
  • Recognize several techniques for evaluating projects.
  • Recognize how the time value of money affects project costs.
  • Identify the effect of Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) on capital budgeting decisions.
  • Identify the goal of project risk management.
  • Recognize some risk analysis tools for project management.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


Speaker / Author:

Steve Spafford, MBA, CPA, has over 20 years’ experience as a CPA working with large public accounting firms, and in numerous executive roles at multinational public corporations. He is a member of DeltaCPE LLC, a leading publisher of continuing professional education courses for CPAs, and has edited CPA ethics courses provided to over 35 states.


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Release Date : 04/30/2024
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CPE 2.00
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Length : 1hr 40min
Course Level : Overview
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Passing Grade : 70%
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