Time Management

Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch

Course Overview
This course is designed for busy professionals who juggle too many deadlines, multiple projects and conflicting demands, all of which have "top" priority. By revisiting the Rules of Time Management, identifying the real priorities and developing an action plan that ensures success, learners develop the habit of peak performance to maximize their productivity on a daily basis. This course will rock your world with new tips, techniques and strategies to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Identify the Golden Rules of Time Management
  • Determine their Prime Time in order to accomplish their most important goals and objectives.
  • Identify the elements required to maximize the #1 Productivity Tool (Your To-Do List) for career and life success.
  • Recognize when Parkinson’s Law is decreasing productivity in order to take action to counter its effect.

  • Speaker / Author:

    As a speaker, trainer and coach focused on achieving high priority goals, Orna Drawas engages with business professionals interested in driving real and measurable results on a daily basis.

    Orna's Professional & Leadership Development courses have been given to well over 1,000 business professionals across the country from companies such as General Mills, Honda R&D, United Technologies, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, National Institute of Health, FDA, AXA- Equitable and many other large and small organizations.

    The concepts of leadership and peak performance are highlighted in her book: PERFORM LIKE A ROCK STAR and Still Have Time for Lunch which was on Amazon's list of Top 10 Books for Business Success in 2011; and was featured on a billboard in Times Square in July & August 2013.

    Orna has over 30 years of business and management experience in sales and marketing with IBM, Sprint and Time Warner Telecom. Now a Peak Performance Expert, Orna focuses on speaking to groups and organizations interested in achieving extraordinary results and reaching individual Rock Stardom every day!

    Orna has a BS from Boston University and an MBA from Northeastern University and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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    Course Code : 99DRA01

    Release Date : 02/18/2016
    Expire Date : 05/31/2022
    Credits :
    CPE 1.00
    QAS 1.00

    Length : 50min
    Course Level : Basic
    Course Type : QAS Self-Study
    Passing Grade : 70%
    Format Type : eLearning
    Mobile Compatible
    Field Of Study : Personal Development

    Theme : Time Management

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