Business Process Improvement and Reengineering

Competitive Frugality: Doing More with Less

Course Overview
According to Benjamin Franklin, thriftiness and industriousness are the best pathways to wealth. Because scarcity itself can open new markets for businesses, Bruce Piasecki, author of "Doing More with Less," urges companies to adopt the concept of competitive frugality as a roadmap of how they can become more adept in the short term and more adaptive in the long run.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:
  • Define what "competitive frugality" involves in the corporate context;
  • Identify how "doing more with less" can benefit team performance;
  • Recognize why companies integrate sustainability reporting with financial reports.

  • Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

    Work experience in a corporate staff position, or an introductory course in management

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