Business Valuation

Valuation of an Entity v.2

Course Overview:
This course provides an introduction to the principles of valuing assets. It includes topics on the time value of money, applications with respect to bond and stock valuation, and a case study illustrating the application of the free cash flow valuation method.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:
  • Define present value concepts and calculations.
  • Calculate the present value of corporate bonds.
  • Determine how to apply the dividend discount model to the valuation of common stock.
  • Point out the basic differences in bond ratings and their impact on yields.
  • Recognize value computations for stocks and bonds.
  • Identify the dividend discount model.
  • Recognize cash flows to equity and free cash flow valuation methods.
  • Determine the weighted cost of capital.
  • Determine how to forecast elements of free cash flow.
  • Determine how to estimate WACC and normal growth rate.
  • Determine the relationship between and application of DCF and relative valuation methods.

  • Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

    Students should be familiar with financial statements and spreadsheet usage.

    Speaker / Author:

    Kenneth J. Martin
    Kenneth J. Martin is Associate Professor of Finance in the College of Business Administration and Economics (CB') at New Mexico State University. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from Purdue University and his BS in Accounting and MBA degrees from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Martin's teaching interests include both corporate financial management and investments. His research interests include issues involving executive compensation and corporate governance as well as the impact of mergers and acquisitions on shareholder wealth. He has published research articles in such journals as the Journal of Financial Economics, The Journal of Finance, Journal of Accounting and Economics, International Review of Law and Economics, University of Cincinnati Law Review, Washington Law Review, Boston University Law Review, Financial Management, Financial Practice and Education, and Managerial and Decision Economics. In addition, Dr. Martin has been a frequent participant in professional meetings. Dr. Martin has received awards for the CB''s Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Research and the Southwestern Business Deans' Association Innovative Achievement Award for "Learning by Doing with Financial Information Technology."

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    Course Level : Intermediate
    Course Type : New Standards
    Length : 1hr 40min
    Passing Grade : 70%
    Field Of Study : Finance
    Theme : Business Valuation

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