Financial Reporting Issues

10-K and The Search for Meaning

Course Overview
This course provides an overview of key financial and non-financial information and impacts with respect to intangible value. Specifically, this includes a discussion of the 10-K and whether or not it provides a factual narrative of the health, welfare, and well-being of a corporation. This course also provides an overview of the various types of capital as well as supply chains risks and how these risks can be appropriately managed.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Recognize key information and impacts of intangible value
  • Differentiate between various types of capital
  • Recognize types of supply chain risk and strategies to address these risks

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


Speaker / Author:

Richard Kravitz, CPA, MBA is editor in chief of the CPA Journal, and managing director of content and publishing for NYSSCPA. He is also an adjunct faculty member of the Texas A&M School of Law. He is an award winning senior publishing and online media executive whose focus is on strategic growth and transformational management of global publishing and new media. His focus is on business strategy, business and new product development, business transformation, migration of traditional print publishers to online platforms, mobile or the next technology and monetizing social networks. His specialty areas include legal, business, regulatory compliance, legal publishing, academic and development of advanced sequential learning platforms for global online study.

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Release Date : 04/26/2019
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CPE 1.00
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Length : 50min
Course Level : Basic
Course Type : Self-Study
Passing Grade : 70%
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Field Of Study : Accounting

Theme : Financial Reporting Issues

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