Data Integrity and Security

Computer Security - Part 1 (Updated - 2)

The courses Computer Security - Part 1 and Computer Security - Part 2 are intended primarily to help business executives and information systems/computer professionals protect their computers and data from a wide variety of threats. Security concerns have heightened in the recent years; weak computer security and lack of internal controls increase an organization's vulnerability. The major steps in understanding and managing computer security are discussed in these two courses. This course, Computer Security - Part 1, along with Part 2, helps business executives identify resources in their organizations that need to be protected.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify requirements of the organizational security policies.
  • Recognize the three levels of security.
  • Recognize proper security safeguards.
  • Recognize the different lines of defense for a computer system.
  • Identify environmental considerations as they apply to computer security.
  • Recognize the components of a maintenance log.
  • Identify computer access controls for software and data files.
  • Identify some of the most common hardware problems.
  • Identify how data integrity may be threatened.
  • Recognize some hardware security devices used to protect the computer system.
  • Identify top security related products in use.
  • Recognize different types of viruses and security threats.
  • Recognize the uses of firewall security systems.
  • Identify prerequisites for sensitive personnel positions.
  • Recognize the value of an employee performance evaluation system and components of a training system.
  • Identify security issues posed by terminated employees.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


Speaker / Author:

Steve Spafford, MBA, CPA, has over 20 years' experience as a CPA working with large public accounting firms, and in numerous executive roles at multinational public corporations. He is a member of DeltaCPE LLC, a leading publisher of continuing professional education courses for CPAs, and has edited CPA ethics courses provided to over 35 states.


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Course Code : 99DEL30-v3

Release Date : 09/02/2021
Expire Date : 09/30/2022
Credits :
CPE 3.00
QAS 3.00

Course Level : Overview
Length : 2hr 30min
Course Type : QAS Self-Study

Passing Grade : 70%
Format Type : eLearning
Mobile Compatible
Field Of Study : Information Technology
Theme : Data Integrity and Security

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