CFO/Controller Best Practices

Improve Your AP, AR, and PR Teams' Effectiveness

Course Overview
This course is designed to help the user understand how to make the company accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll teams more effective. In particular the user will learn the principles a CFO or Controller can apply to ensure that these departments run smoothly. In addition, the user will also be introduced to concepts and principles designed to prevent fraud form occurring in these departments.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Identify the various objectives of the accounts payable, receivable and payroll departments within an organization.
  • Define the various processes an organization can implement to make sure these departments operate efficiently.
  • Define how members of the accounting and finance teams can interact with members of these departments to achieve such effectiveness.
  • Recognize the types of fraud that can occur within these departments and which tools an organization can put in place to prevent or detect such fraud.

  • Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


    Speaker / Author:

    Bernie Brown, The Power of We's CEO, has over 25 years' experience advising companies in CFO and VP of Treasury roles for both public companies and family-owned businesses. A Delaware licensed CPA, Bernie has worked with companies experiencing fast growth, reorganization, recapitalization, acquisition and divestiture.

    Bernie now runs his own consulting company that helps small to midsize organizations improve their financial performance, forecasting, internal controls, and cash management. He has helped organizations improve efficiencies through information selection and implementation processes. He also helps bring management teams together through team building and financial education sessions.


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    Release Date : 03/27/2014
    Expire Date : 04/01/2022
    Credits :
    CPE 2.00
    QAS 2.00

    Course Type : New Standards
    Length : 1hr 40min
    Passing Grade : 70%
    Field Of Study : Finance
    Theme : CFO/Controller Best Practices

    Format Type : eLearning
    Mobile Compatible
    Course Level : Basic

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